• BLUETRAN LIGHTNING Electric Scooter upgrade version
  • BLUETRAN LIGHTNING Electric Scooter upgrade version

BLUETRAN LIGHTNING Electric Scooter upgrade version

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  • Capacity:
    72V32Ah(LG MH1)
    72V35Ah(LG MJ1)
  • BLUETRAN LIGHTNING Electric Scooter upgrade version
  • Description
The Bluetran Lightning has a 72V battery. With a 2x30A controller, it promises torque and acceleration at the height of Minimotors' know-how. It is thinner, and also lighter than a Thunder (40.5kg against 43kg). It also has the new Minimotors folding system and the double clamping ring.
The Bluetran Lightning can reach a top speed of 90 km/h in unbridled version for use on private roads, or 25km/h on public road.
Autonomy is not left out. Equipped with a 72V LG battery available in 32Ah or 35Ah, it can reach up to 150km in eco mode with the largest capacity.
The Bluetran Lightning is equipped with 10x3-inch tires. These tires allow it great grip on the road and reduce vibration on rough roads. The new generation suspensions also support the comfort of the electric scooter. Each suspension has 2 spring shock absorbers. The Bluetran Lightning is therefore powerful, comfortable and offers a very good autonomy.
On this kind of powerful model, the safety on board must be perfect. That's why Minimotors has equipped the Bluetran Lightning with two front LEDs, a footrest with integrated brake light, turn signals, a horn, a column, suspension arms and housing to improve visibility as well as hydraulic disc brakes coupled with an engine brake and ABS.

Battery 72V35AH (LG MJ1 18650) / 72V32AH (LG) /72V26Ah(CN)

Maximum speed less than 90 km/h on private roads and 25 km/h on public roads

Mileage (eco) 150 km / 110 km

Product weight Approx. 40.5 kg

Front and rear brake + electric

10-inch wide inner tube tire (10x3.0)

Built in frame (patent) + Four-spring air suspension for front (2EA) and rear (2EA)

Handlebar Foldable, height adjustable (Adjustment range: 0-50 mm)

Unfolded Size 1270 x 610 x 1154 mm (Length x Width x Height)

Folded size 1270 X 280 X 500 mm (Length x Width x Height)

Handlebar sides LED lights, double LED headlight and taiig brake light

1 New Minimotors charging port (can be changed to 10ah)

Turn Signal Switch /Light Switch/Horn
Switch Warning Switch / Power Model Switch
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